Turbidity Filter & Sediment Removal

Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness found in many home or domestic water supplies and is caused by individual dirt particles or suspended solids such as sediment, dirt and gIron-Removal-Filtersrit. The turbidity in your water supply aside from looking unsightly, leaves a sediment residue in your household plumbing systems, bathtubs, sinks, plumbing fixtures and appliances.

It is known that over 70% of Irish drinking water is classed as surface water. The traditional multi-media sand filter is the first line of defense from turbidity, suspended solids, colour and bacteria. We have the Vortech™ Distributor technology from EPS which will reduce back-wash water usage and save on your water bill.

We use the EPS Turbidity Filter which removes sediment, dirt and grit from your water supply eliminating sediment build-up throughout your household. Our turbidity filters consist of multi layers of filtration media which trap suspended particles such as sediment, dirt and grit which gives water a cloudy appearance. The result is clean, clear water. The multi media filter bed facilitates a more thorough backwash and prevents channelling of the media. Periodic back-washing using the automatic time controlled valve cleans the media layers.

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