Pressure Washers

“We Service What we Sell”

Kranzle-Power-Washer-GuageThis is the Liam Chawke moto when it comes to the power washing and cleaning equipment used by our commercial, farming and residential customers throughout the Midwest. We carry a full range of spares for Kranzle, Hawk and Interpump washers and can deliver next day to to most parts of Counties Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary. We can also repair or provide spares for other washers in use throughout the Midwest region including Comet, Hawk and Interpump. The Liam Chawke team are always available to offer friendly, helpful advice and service tips to anyone looking to purchase, maintain or repair pressure washing equipment. If you would like to see for yourself the power of a Kranzle cleaner at work, we are happy to arrange a free on-site demonstration.

Pressure Cleaner Power Options

We have various power options for pressure cleaners available including diesel heated electric models from the Kranzle range, electrically heated models from the Kranzle range (ideal for indoor use and for sanitary/dairy/food/milking parlour/pharmaceutical applications – no fumes, no fuel). We also have self-contained petrol engine or diesel engine driven and tractor PTO powered washers where no electricity is required.

Kranzle Power Washers

We specialise in the German made Kranzle brand of high pressure washers which are reliable, robust and long lasting. Spare parts for the Kranzle range are available from our shop in Rathkeale and our service department will maintain and service the high pressure washers if required. We supply and service power washers for specialist applications including agricultural, residential, commercial and we can also hire out certain models on a hire-to-clean basis. Please choose your power cleaning category for more information:

Which Kranzle Pressure Washers Model Should I Buy?

To decide which model you need, you must consider the amount of cleaning you will be doing.

Light Duty/Home
If your application only requires intermittent cleaning around the home or backyard (up to 10 hours per month) then a Semi-Professional unit, such as the Kranzle HD7/122 or Kranzle 122 Silent will probably suit you the best.
Medium Duty/Farm
If you need a high pressure cleaner for more extensive use, including general farmyard, machinery cleaning, milking parlour use (up to 50 hours per month) then we would recommend one of the Semi-Industrial models such as the Kranzle K1152TST or Kranzle K2160TST.
Heavy Duty/Commercial/Industrial
If your application involves commercial or industrial high pressure cleaning on an ongoing basis (over 50 hours per month) we would strongly recommend that you purchase one of the Kranzle Industrial models, e.g. the Kranzle Quadro 599TST or 1000TST, or a hot water Therm unit such as the Kranzle Therm CA 11/130. Not only will you have a washer that cleans more efficiently – getting your job done faster with less water and power usage – but you will also have a high pressure washer that will last longer, cost less to maintain, and hold it’s re-sale value when the time comes to upgrade.

Our power washers and accessories are the best in the business, providing years of reliable cleaning power and are supplied and supported from our shop in Rathkeale. Contact Liam Chawke Electrical & Water Pumps at 069-64318 for more information

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