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Liam Chawke has been supplying electrical equipment to customers all over West Limerick since 1981 and has witnessed many Liam-Chawke-Electrical-Componentschanges in his business since those small beginnings in his shop on Bank Place, Rathkeale. The principles of the small family business still apply today and Liam say’s the real worth of a family business is the quality of customer service it provides and that is especially true for his particular family run shop as they are one of the few store’s left in the county that offer its customers such a vast range of electrical equipment and electrical components as well as the amazing service.

Liam-Chawke-Electrical-AccessoriesOur philosophy is very simple; We Service What We Sell. We are a family-run business, who take pride in our customer service and product knowledge. We take the time to get to know the customer and the product, so when you come into our shop in Rathkeale, you will be talking with someone with serious know-how in their field. So not only will we give you a great price, we’ll provide you with advice you can really trust.

At Liam Chawke Electrical, we also want to help you save money by using energy more efficiently. 200x354-TimerWe have teamed with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the electrical market to bring you a range of practical, energy saving products to reduce your energy costs. We stock only high-quality products and all our products are tested and certified to the relevant standards.

Call in to our shop in Rathkeale or Contact Liam Chawke Electrical at 069-64318 for all your electrical equipment needs. Following is a list of the comprehensive range of electrical parts, electrical components or electrical accessories we carry in stock or can obtain for our customers within 24 to 48 hours.

Electrical Parts A-D
ABS Stations Ammeters Amp/Volt Meter Selector Switch Artic Flex Cable Automative Relays Auxilary Contact Blocks Banding Batteries Battery Operated Crimping Tool Battery Operated Cutter Beacons Blanking Plugs Bootlace Ferrules Bootlace Ferrules – Twin Braided Sleeving – Polyester Busbar Systems Busbar Terminals Cable Cable Cleats Cable Cutters Cable Drum Rollers Cable Glands (Nickel Plated Brass IP68) Cable Glands (Nylon IP68) Cable Marker Accessories Cable Marker Book Cable Markers – Push On Cable Markers – Slide On Cable Tie Base / Mounts Cable Ties Capacitors Capacitors – Motor Run Capacitors IP 20 Carrier Strip Cartridge DO – Neozed Cavity Fixings Central Test Units Circuit Breakers Circular Flex Cable Communication Processor Compact NSX MCCB’s 36kA Conductive Concrete / Moisture Conductive Copper Strip Conductor Holders Connector & Earth Kit Contactors Contactors – Capacitor Contractor Packs Control and Signal Devices Controllers – BR6000 Series Copper Bond Earth Rods Copper Butt Splice Copper Lug Terminal Copper Transition Couplings Countdown Timer Crimping Tool (Insulated Crimps) Crimping Tools (Ferrules) Crimping Tools (Lugs) Current Tansformers Din Rail-Zinc Coated 2MT Direct On Line Starters Disconnect Terminal TS32 Rails Disconnect Terminal TS35 Rails Distribution Blocks Door Interlock Kits Door Trunking Double Deck Terminals
Electrical Parts E-I
Earth Clamps Earth Nuts Earth Pits Earth Plates and Lattice Earth Mats Earth Terminals for TS35 Rail (SL) Earth Terminals for TS35 Rail (SSL) Electric Wiring Electrical Components Electrical Equipment Ellipsoid Coated Lamps Enclosed Switch Fuses 3P+N IP65 (Steel) End Covers End Stops Energy Meters Extended Rotary Handle Kit Extension Leads Extension Studs Filoseal & Duct Sealing System Fish Tapes – Flat Steel Fish Tapes – Nylon Fish Tapes – Steel Flexible Busbar Flexible Conduit – PVC Spiral Flexible Conduit Glands Flexible Copper Braid Floor Section Trunking Fluorescent Lamps Frequency Meters Fully Enclosed Terminals for TS35 Rail Fuse Base (NH) Fuse Base Accessories Fuse Holder (Glass Fuses) Fuse Holders (Cylindrical) Fused Terminals Fuses Fuses – Cylindrical Gellseal Resin (Magic Gell) Glands for Flexible Conduit Glass Cylindrical Fuse Greenlee Step Drill Grid Analysis Tool (Meter) Grid Analysis Tool Current Clamps Group Marking Heaters Heatshrink Gun Heatshrink Kits – Polyolefin Heatshrink Polyolefin Sleeving High Current Stud Terminals Hours Counters HSS Drill Bits (Titanium Coated) Hydraulic Punch Kit Insulating Tape Insulators – Hexagonal IP65 Enclosures IP68 Gell Joint Domestic/Light Isobar Distribution Boards Isolators Isolators 3P (Din Rail or Modular) Isolators 3P (Interpact Type) Isolators 3P (Vario) Isolators 4P (Din Rail or Modular)
Electrical Parts K-R
KKL Cable Connectors KQ Distribution Boards KWH Meters Kwik Step Drill Set LED Pilot Lights Limit Switchs Locknuts – Brass Long Reach Nut Drivers Mainstesters Manual Starters GV2 Marker Type Cable Tie Marking Systems MD11 Duct Sealing System MD111 Duct Sealing System MD1V Sealing System Meltable Thick Wall Adhesive Polyolefin Metal Stations (Empty) Miniature Terminals for TS15 Rail Modular Relays Monitoring Relays Mounting Bracket Multipole Connectors (10A) N Brass Bushings (N) N Locknuts – Galvanised (N) N Screws – Brass (N) Narrow Slot Trunking Neutral Links NG (Modular) MCCB’s Din Rail Mounted NH Fuses Overload Relays for LC1/LE1 Pack Wall Mounted Enclosures Padlocks Pan-Code Wire Marker Tape on Reels Panel Flex Cable Panel Keys Panel Lights Photo Electric Pilot Lights Pliers Pluggable Cross Connections Plugs Polyurathene Resin for Cable Jointing Power Supplies Prima Plus Mounted Enclosures Protective Cover IP65 Proximity Switch Punch Driver Battery Powered PVC Sleeving Ratchet Tool Reactors Reducers Relays – Mini (11 Pin, 14 Pin) Relays – Mini (5 Pin, 8 Pin) Relays – Octal (8 Pin) Relays – Undecal (11 Pin) Retaining Clay Re-Threading Tool Rod to Cable / Tape Clamp
Electrical Parts S-Y
Safety Matting Series Enya Series Kappa – 7 Function Timer Sheet Steel Emclosures / Ecom Range Sheet Steel Enclosures / Plain Door Signal Lamps Signal Relays Sirens Site Lights Slug Buster Slug Buster Ratched Punch Kit Slug Splitter Punch Unit Snips & Cable Cutters Soldering Iron & Gas Torch Solid Neutral Links Spare Coils Spare Contacts Speed Drives Spiral Wrap – Clear Spring Loaded Terminals Stainless Steel Cable Ties Stainless Steel Enclosures AISI304 Standard Terminals for Din Rail Straight Joint Kit-Snaplock Stripping Tools Surge Protectors Switch (NH) Disconnector Switch Fuse – Neozed Switch Fuses 3P Tap Sets TC Cable Clips – Flat TC Cable Clips – Round Terminal Blocks – Strip Connectors Terminal Covers Test Disconnect Terminals for TS32 Rails Test Disconnect Terminals TS35 Rails Test Meters Thermo Lamps Thermostats Time Clock Digital Time Clock Segmental Time Clocks & Hours Counters, Timers Tool Cases & Tool Bags Torches Torque Drivers TP Wall Plugs Transformers Triple Deck Terminals for TS32 & TS35 Rails Tri-Rated Panel Flex Cable Uninsulated Ferrules UPS Systems VDE Screwdrivers Voltmeters Wide Slot Trunking Wood Screws Y Branch Joint Kit

Liam Chawke Electrical is an R.E.C.I. Registered Electrical Contractor.





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