Self Cleaning Filter

We are agents for Atlas Filtri a specialist manufacturer of water treatment filters and can provide a range of automatic self cleaning filters with back-wash operation. The Hydra-M Auto self cleaning filter from Atlas Filtri come with 2 manometers which ensure the proper timing for cleaning operations; when the pressure at the outlet manometer drops 1 Bar below the pressure at the inlet manometer, it is time to start the cleaning operation.


Hydra-M Auto with 2 Manometers

Hydra-M Auto Clean Filters have been designed with innovative solutions regarding the efficiency of the system for the self-cleaning of the cartridge, thanks to newly designed back-wash on counter-current which gets the highest particles removal from the cartridge. When the cartridge is to be cleaned, the cleaning operation with back-wash is simply operated by the programmer located at the base of the filter.

The automatic self-cleaning process is driven by a programmer with dual programming mode:

  • Set how may hours in between self-cleaning processes,
  • Set how many seconds the self-cleaning process will last.

Thanks to the dual programming mode Hydra-M Auto performs customized self-cleaning programs, depending on water quality. In addition, if the cartridge should not be perfectly cleaned by the programmed process, the dedicated Manual Flush key allows immediate manual start up of a new self-cleaning process (the operation can be repeated any time).

That operation causes a pressure-drop which pushes the cartridge downward into the housing bottom and reverses the water flow from the outer to the inner side of the cartridge. It is this counter-current back flow which washes away the impurities trapped onto the outer side of the cartridge.

The rated performance of the filters is either 90 micron with the stainless steel net cartridge or plastic net cartridge and 50 micron filter rating with the pleated plastic net cartridge. The Hydra-M Auto filter features a drain funnel, which is a device designed to protect potable water in water installations against pollution by backflow in accordance with European standard UNI EN 1717 November 2002. This device prevents backflow by making all elements downstream from the solenoid drain valve vent to the atmosphere (protection unit symbol: DC)

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