pH Correction

Well water with a pH below 7 is classed as acidic and is found in many areas of Ireland. Acidic water corrodes copper pipes in the heating systems found in domestic and industrial plumbing systems and leaves a metallic taste in the mouth. The copper dissolves and is deposited on sinks, bathtubs, fixtures and fittings leaving unsightly green stains. Raising the pH will neutralise the water, preventing further corrosive action and removing the metallic taste.

pH-Correction-FilterWith our partner EPS, we now have a range of pH Correction Filters to suit Irish well water conditions. Our pH Correction Filters are designed to raise the pH of the water as it passes through a vessel containing slowly dissolving calcium and magnesium media. This media slowly dissolves into the water ‘re-mineralising’ the water and naturally raising the pH. The water can be passed through the media through an inlet/outlet head or through an automatic back-washing filter head. The back-washing head has the advantage of preventing ‘cementing’ of the media, remixing the media and also removing any sediment, which may have been oxidised out of solution as the pH increases.

The pH Correction Filters use special tanks from EPS with the advanced Vortech distributors. This allows the filter to backwash with 30% less water than standard distribution systems. The Vortech also requires 30% less backwash flow-rate than standard distribution systems.

To find out if your water needs pH Correction, we recommend having a water test carried out. Please submit the Water Test Service form for more details.

Water Testing Service

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