Kranzle Profi 160 TST Power Washer

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The new family of professional pressure washers represents the consequent further development of the proven Kranzle T-series. Main advantages of the Kranzle principle of arrangement are the integral hose drum, receptacles for HP gun, Dirt-killer and lance together with the winding-up device for the power cable. Everything is attached to the appliance, easily accessible and it can be used and operated without any problems. Compared to the T-series the hose drum is even considerably bigger facilitating the winding up of the hose.

Kranzle Profi 160 TST standard equipment:

  • Integrated trolley
  • 5 meter power lead
  • Cable reel
  • Dirt-killer lance
  • Steel-weave high-pressure hose, 15 m
  • Integrated hose drum
  • Total-Stop facility
  • Switch-off spray gun with hand-grip
  • Spray lance (high and low pressure) with stainless steel pipe
  • Continuously adjustable pressure control
  • Allows application of additives at full operating pressure
  • Brass pump head
  • Dry-run safety feature
  • Ceramic-coated pump plungers
  • Receptacle for switch-off spray gun and lance
  • Holding device for Dirtkiller
  • Mobile on stairs
  • Industrial pump for continuous operation

Additional information

Dimensions 355 × 375 × 980 mm
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